2 Responses to “Press”

  • hi. i lived in murphyburro tn-home of john prine. always the murphy’s law around me. always. i was also, allison chains up here near seattle, dude. literally shackles in chains. they even came to snuff the rooster. me. down in murpheeborrow, an old woman named pauline shoved my nose in some dog shit. literally. then bonked me n the head with a huge telephone, those old clunky kind. then called cops on me for assaulting her. an old lady here, they call her murphy, i asked her how to stop murphy’s law. she said, you can’t. its a blessing in disguise. mainly they kept me here in a box. i am so not kidding. i am wondering if you are for real-or someone who writes for allison chains stuck this on here. the radio comes on all the time with coincidence songs. i took the hit for so many hits. who are you? i am an artist, designer, singer musician. mostly atlanta/atlantis, nashville, up here since 2005.allison clements, now she was a very unhappy person, the acuff rose n all a that. i got cuffed too, some people named rose. ah yes the ring of fire and 7 year ache. ghosts of printers alley. this place is called port townsend. i say, who who who are you?

  • oh yeah. you are allison. where does ruth come in? now, i’m here. can we get to the good part? whats up buttercup?

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